Turn-Key Case Acceptance

Designed in a dental office for dental offices. The industry standard to increasing case acceptance.


For dental people by dental people.

The best solutions come from common problems.

In a modern dental landscape focused solely on “GETTING” new patients, offices often forget what to do with them.

With the national case acceptance average under 30%, practices routinely let millions of dollars slip through the cracks every year. Whats worse, they don’t have a system to manage those patients!

Treatment24seven was designed in a dental practice to solve a common problem ALL dentists face: how to increase case acceptance and production without significantly increasing expenses. By removing confusing dental terminology and presenting financial options to every patient, Treatment24seven empowers ALL staff members to present treatment to patients.

Our software provides a cloud based system that manages all open treatment plans in one place with intuitive followup features that have helped our customers convert 60% more patients than non-Treatment24seven users.

What Our Customers Say

Our industry leading treatment plan management system is proven nationwide to increase case acceptance up to 60%.

Here's just a few of what our many satisfied customers have to say!

"Treatment 24seven has made a HUGE difference in our practice since we started using it!

Because of Treatment24seven we were able to modify our approach to get better case acceptance. We have tried many other programs but none of them have been able to come close to what Treatment24seven can do!"